Obligation to create an Ecodesign Plan for packaging in Spain

The new Spanish packaging law (Royal Decree 1055/2022 on packaging and packaging waste) specifies that producers/importers of products that place on the market an amount of packaging equal to or greater than certain thresholds, are obliged to create a Corporate Prevention and Ecodesign Plan.

It is mandated that the Prevention and Eco-design Business Plan be renewed every five years. Producers (importers/distributors/online shops) who, within a calendar year, introduce into the market a quantity of packaging equal to or exceeding certain thresholds (examples provided below), are required to submit these Prevention and Ecodesign Business Plans:

  • 15 tons of paper and cardboard
  • 20 tons of plastic
  • 20 tons of wood
  • etc.


It is important to note that the calculation of these mentioned thresholds is carried out for all packaging placed on the market, regardless of its ultimate application (household, commercial or industrial) or classifying (primary, secondary or tertiary)

If you have any questions about Ecodesign Plans or EPR compliance in Spain you can contact the Go4Recycling Team anytime.