Agreement in the EU Parliament on the EU Packaging law PPWR

On April 24, 2024, the EU Parliament voted on the English version of the new EU Packaging Regulation and adopted it with a clear majority.

PPWR stands for “Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation” and directly affects all EU member states. Translations and legal language examinations into all EU official languages are expected to be completed in the coming months. The final approval of the PPWR by the newly elected EU Parliament is then scheduled for autumn 2024. The regulations are expected to take effect within 18 months of the regulation coming into force in EU member states. The PPWR replaces the existing EU Directive 94/62/EC and covers different areas.

Here is a rough overview of the key changes:

  • Specific targets for the prevention of packaging waste
  • Minimization of packaging – they must be reduced to a necessary minimum in weight and volume
  • EU-wide labeling requirements for packaging
  • Requirements for the recyclability of packaging – they must be recyclable and classified according to performance levels (EPR fees will then also be differentiated according to performance levels) – there are exceptions for example packaging made of ceramics, lightweight wood, cork, etc.
  • Plastic packaging must contain a minimum percentage of recycled material
  • Packaging bans: Certain single-use packaging will be prohibited
  • Differentiated requirements for reusable packaging both in sales and transportation – reusability
  • Promotion of reusable packaging
  • Increased administrative burden through, among other things, the preparation of comprehensive conformity declarations for each packaging
  • and much more…

This is just a small excerpt from the upcoming changes. After the PPWR comes into force, some current packaging will no longer be allowed. Companies must prepare early for these changes and promote more sustainable packaging solutions.

If you have any questions about the new PPWR, feel free to contact the Go4Recycling team. We are happy to help you.