France: New repair fund starts in July 2024 / Price increases for certain electronical and electrical equipment (WEEE) categories announced by French take back schemes from 1st July 2024 on

Last year the French government announced in the order from 10th November 2023 that a new „repair“ fund has to be built up and financed by the EPR take back schemes – and thus by the procuders.

According to the major French take back schemes the price increases based on this new “repair fund” in France especially affect, among others, the following WEEE products with the following new recycling fees from July 1, 2024:

  • Mobile phone and smartphone: €1.67 per unit
  • E-Bikes: 12,50 € – 12.94 € per unit
  • Electric scooter: 2,67 € – 2.80 € per unit

Unfortunately this is only the first stage of financing the new fund – a second large step is also announced for January 2025 – but those prices are not yet communicated.

Feel free to contact the Go4Recycling Team on the new price lists and if you need more information on the new French WEEE setting / EPR requirements..