New packaging law in Bulgaria from 2023 on

In 2023 a new packaging law in Bulgaria came into force that affects manufacturers, online sellers and distributors.

One change includes the obligation for companies to register directly with the Bulgarian environmental authority and to submit their reports to the authority.

Another change concerns the labelling obligations of packaging. The previous obligation to label the packaging with the „Möbius Loop“ and „Tidy Man“ is now voluntary, but companies must still label the packaging with the material code. This is intended to enable clear identification of packaging materials and ensure optimal sorting and recycling of packaging waste.

The Bulgarian Packaging Law is part of the Waste Law and obligates manufacturers, importers, and dealers of packaging to take responsibility for the disposal of packaging waste. Companies must register and pay a fee for the disposal of packaging waste. The changes to the Packaging Law aim to further reduce environmental impact and ensure sustainable management of packaging waste.

We will initiate the relevant actions in Bulgaria for our customers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Go4Recycling team anytime.