New obligation for online market places to verify EPR compliance with the German WEEE law comes into effect on 1st of July 2023

Starting from July 1, 2023, online marketplaces such as Amazon, Otto, eBay, etc. are legally required to take measures to prevent the sale of unauthorized electronic devices. As part of this new obligation, marketplaces in Germany must verify whether the offered electric devices are registered at the German WEEE authority Stiftung EAR.

The amendment of the WEEE law has imposed a new obligation on operators of electronic marketplaces to enforce and monitor the extended producer responsibility (EPR) more effectively. The WEEE number, a registration number assigned to the manufacturer during registration by the Stiftung EAR, is used as a control criterion. This measure is aimed at complying with waste management requirements within the framework of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

Market place users who fail to comply with this  new EPR obligation will probably be “deactivated” by the marketplace operator.

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