New EPR regulation on textiles in the Netherlands from 1st of July 2023 on

The Dutch government has agreed in a new “EPR for textiles decree” that should come into force on 1st of July 2023 – so that producers and retailers of clothing and household textiles become responsible for the waste phase of their products being released on the Dutch market.

The EPR for Textiles Decree applies to producers and importers who professionally release consumer clothing, work & corporate wear, table, bed-, table and household linen on the Dutch market. This also applies to textiles with recycled content. It does not matter to whom the product is offered; this can be to a company, or directly to a consumer.

This means companies are responsible for the separate collection and processing of discarded textiles. They must ensure that consumers and other end users can always hand in their products at a collection point, anywhere in the Netherlands and free of charge. They must also be able to demonstrate what happens to the textile waste. And companies have to report annually quantities of textiles they have released on the Dutch market and whether and how the collection, recycling and reuse targets have been met.

This can either be done individually by each company or it may have been forwarded to a collective producer take back scheme. In the Netherlands they created „Stichting UPV“ that deals with this type of EPR.

If you are affacted by this new legislation on textiles in the Netherlands feel free to contact the Go4Recycling Team anytime. We are happy to ensure compliance for/with you.