New duty of prevention and ecodesign plans in France

According to Section L541-10-12 of the French Code of the environment, enacting the AGEC Law of February 2020 : “Every producer is required to develop and implement a prevention and eco design plan aiming to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, to increase the use of recycled materials, and to increase the recyclability of its products in processing facilities located on the national territory“. 

Every producer/marketer must develop a plan that defines the prevention and ecodesign objectives and actions that your company will implement over the next 5 years. This plan can be designed individually or collectively with other producers, and must be revised every 5 years, incorporating a review of the previous plan.

That means producers/marketers in France will have to set up such plans for each waste stream that they are responsible for (e.g. WEEE, batteries, packaging, ASL…) – whereas the design needed varies from take back scheme to take back scheme.

Some collection schemes (such as CITEO for household packaging) haven´t created such templates for their clients yet – so we will keep you updated on this issue.

For collection schemes that already introduced such templates we will begin sending those out for completion by the clients soon.

If you got questions on those prevention and ecodesign plans in France feel free to ask Go4recycling anytime.