Merger in the Netherlands – Battery scheme Stibat and WEEE scheme Stichting OPEN become one

Prices are also expected to change from 2024 on

The formerly independent take back schemes for portable and industrial batteries Stibat and for WEEE (waste of electronical and electrical equipment) Stichting OPEN will join forces from 1st of January 2024 on. They also announced that it will come to price changes from 2024 on

Stibat and Stichting OPEN made the following press release on their merger which we want to share with you:

Both boards are excited about the new partnership because of the many benefits it affords. Among other things the integration will contribute to improvements in the collection of waste appliances (e-waste) and batteries, the ‘circularity target 2050’ and strengthening our market position. It offers synergistic benefits related to implementation, more effective workflows and motivated, engaged staff. This partnership will also lead to strong, unambiguous communication with both consumers and business users about the separate return of appliances, built-in and loose batteries and bicycle batteries.

The benefits do not stop there. For example, we can streamline the collection process, establish a larger helpdesk and back office and optimise the speed and efficiency of our logistics. If you currently have a dedicated contact, that will not change after the merger.

It is also important to note that the broader, joint representation of producers of batteries and electrical appliances in the form of Stichting OPEN will strengthen our position toward the government and other stakeholders. This will pay dividends during discussions about policy, legislative and regulatory changes and implementation.


For Go4Recycling clients there will be no immanent changes. A joint reporting tool will be implemented whereas reporting periods seem to stay the same. But for battery producers/sellers with high volumes there may be a requirement for monthly advance payments in the future.

Stichting and Stibat also announced a price increase for some categories – those new prices will be communicated to our clients separately as usually in their project overviews.

If you have any questions on WEEE, battery and packaging compliance in the Netherlands please do not hesitate to contact the Go4Recycling team.