Go4Recycling supports additional nature-and sustainability projects from WWF and „Technik ohne Grenzen“

At the end of a successful business year 2016 the Go4Recycling Team decided to sponsor two additional projects which correspond perfectly with our private and business values.

We dedicated parts of our donations to different nature protection projects from WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) – such as the Rain Forrest project and also the Gorilla project.

Furthermore we supported our partner-project „Recycle Up Ghana“  from „Technik ohne Grenzen” with an additional donation as this project has developed very well during 2016.

You can find a short news summary of this sustainable project below:

  • Three Summer Camps in 2016
  • Foundation of a regional group in Accra
  • Support from the German embassy in Accra
  • Recycle Up Your School und Campus Dustbin Project
  • Expansion of the project to Togo

For more information: