Breaking news on the Dutch WEEE market – new “OPEN” foundation about to be implemented

From the second quarter of 2021 on we expect to get some really breaking news on the Dutch WEEE market.

The Dutch government decided to implement a new state controlled OPEN foundation that will organize and control all compliance and recycling issues for WEEE in the Netherlands.

The take back schemes that are currently active on the Dutch market will no longer have their actual status but will become operational service providers for recycling and transportation within the OPEN foundation.

All Go4Recycling clients that have a contract with the current take back schemes can relax – their contracts will be integrated automatically int the new OPEN system and all needed paperwork will be done by our team.

So Go4Recycling will continue to offer a smart solution in a new Dutch WEEE framework.

If you have any questions regarding WEEE in the Netherlands and our related services feel free to contact the Go4Recycling team.