Manufacturers and liable distributors of industrial batteries in Germany are required to publish annual recycling rates.

According to German Battery law manufacturers and obliged distributors of industrial batteries (including e-bike batteries !!!) are required to publish the recycling rates achieved in the previous year on their German website by May 31st each year.

In addition, distributors of industrial batteries have to record on the take-back and recycling. Our partner battery take-back system in Germany already fulfills this obligation for a majority of Go4Recycling customers and provides the required information to the authority. The obligation can be ensured by providing a link to the relevant subpage of the battery take-back system. We recommend that every company check if this obligation applies to them and implement the required steps if necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Go4Recycling Team. We will be happy to resend the link to every customer – please just let us know.