EPR requirements for non electronical Sports- and leisure equipment, textiles and toys in France

In our January newsletter we already informed you about implementaion of new laws regarding French producer responsibility which now affects most product streams.

The French government has included non-electronic sports and leisure products (ASL), toys and clothing/household linen and footwear in the extended producer responsibility (EPR).

Products such as backpacks, non-electric bicycles, tents, spare parts for bicycles as well as clothes and shoes fall under the scope of extended producer responsibility in France. Liable companies are required to organise the collection, sorting and treatment of the waste they produce. Therefore producers/sellers have to join a take-back/compliance scheme for ASL as well as textiles and toys and have to apply for an additional IDU number to comply with the French obligations. Furthermore there are labelling obligations for these products with a special Triman logo.

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