UK: Environment Agency announces new WEEE charges

There will be quite some changes for WEEE charges from 2019 on in the UK.

The Environment Agency announced for example higher annual producer charges for large foreign producers that do not have a UK Vat number – from previously 30 GBP to 100 GBP. The fees for small producers remain at 30 GBP per year.

In addition to that the Agency introduced a so-called subsistence charge for take back schemes that has to be paid from 2019 on. This might affect their clients pricing model depending on the size of the compliance scheme.

Last but not least the Environment Agency also changed the annuals charges and fees for Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities and Exporters.

Go4Recycling will inform their customers about all those changes individually and how it might affect them. All other interested companies are more than welcome to call us or write us an Email. We look forward to providing all necessary information on those topics – and on worldwide compliance in general.