Sorting Information for clothing, household linen and footwear in France

Sorting Information for batteries in France
General information on Triman in France

Sorting Information “Triman” for clothing, household linen and shoes

Producers and sellers/distributors of those goods have to register with a take back scheme (for example Refashion) and have to implement the already famous Triman (aka info-tri) on their products to ensure compliance on the French market. The info-tri label is compulsory as from 1 January 2022. From this date onwards and by 1 February 2023 at the latest (or 1 August 2023 for products manufactured or imported before 1 February 2023) the information must be affixed on all items of clothing, household linen and footwear. It consists of the Triman symbol and the sorting instruction per product – maybe already familiar from other material streams (such as WEEE, batteries and packaging).

Sorting information “Triman” for batteries

The Triman symbol is also mandatory for batteries – but only for portable batteries. It is not necessary to implement the info-tri on industrial batteries (nevertheless it is possible).

General information on Triman

The whole Triman project was initiated by the FRnech government to create awareness for separate collection at private households – and to change/increase their recycling habits. Products that are solely meant to be used by professionals (B2B products) do not have to be labelled with the Triman – only B2C and Dual Use products.

If you have any questions on Refashion, Triman, WEEE, batteries and B2B vs. B2C in France please do not hesitate to contact the Go4Recycling team.