New WEEE law in Germany since 2022 (ElektroG3)

New WEEE law in Germany since 2022 (ElektroG3)

The New German WEEE law (ElektroG3) has been in force since 01.01.2022. We have already provided comprehensive information about the adjustments in our newsletter in October 2021.

Here is more information on some of the new requirements.

The direct take-back obligation for distributors/onlineshops with logistic areas of more than 400sqm had already been introduced under the “ old“ WEEE law. The new WEEE law extends these requirements and take-back obligations.

Online shops with e.g. their own retail shops, must take into account all sales, storage and shipping areas for electrical appliances (only for E-devices) when calculating the 400sqm.

If liable companies exceed the 400sqm, they have to offer a take-back solution for products in category 1: Temperature exchange equipment, category 2: monitors and category 4: large appliances > 50cm since 01 January 2022. For all other WEEE categories 3, 5 and 6, the obligated distributors/online shops must continue to offer a take back solution within a reasonable distance.

Please find more information about the new WEEE law on the homepage of our partner IT-Recht-Kanzlei.

Das novellierte ElektroG tritt am 01.01.2022 in Kraft – zahlreiche Änderungen auch für den Online-Handel (

And here:

ElektroG 2022: Aktualisierte Muster-Pflichtinformationen für Vertreiber (

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Furthermore, B2B manufacturers have had to implement a take-back concept for their B2B products and submit it to the German WEEE authority Stiftung EAR since 2022. There is a transitional period until 30th of June for already registered B2B producers.

If your company is affected by these changes or if you need further information, you can contact the Go4Recycling team at any time.