New Spanish reporting obligations for packaging – change in pricing models from 2024 on

The Spanish take back scheme Ecoembes will change the reporting and pricing model in 2024 – simplified declarations will not be possible anymore.

Ecoembes – the monopoly household and commercial take back scheme for packaging in Spain – announced some major changes in the way producers have to report their packaging material.

From 2024 on it will not be possible anymore to make a simplified declaration (which was possible in the past for volumes up to 12 tons of household packaging). Companies registered with Ecoembes are required to provide a detailed declaration in which the product packaging has to be reported (for example a plastic bottle containing softener). To be able to report in such a way members of Ecoembes have to identify the materials of which the bottle of this softener is made up (lid, bottle body, sticker, etc. incl. the weights of those packaging components), “create” this product packaging in the Ecoembes system Ecosoft and then gather the amount product packaging put onto the market per year (month). This has to be done for each different product packaging – quite a massive task for companies using various types of products and packaging.

Ecoembes shared a Youtube Video for this detailed declaration – you can find the link below.

How to prepare your declaration by entering the data manually? | #Ecoembes – YouTube

We encourage our clients and all liable and/or interested companies to adjust their reporting tools already so that they can report in 2024 as requested.

If you want to know more about the packaging compliance situation in Spain, the difference between detailed or simplified reporting, or the situation in other EU countries feel free to contact the Go4Recycling Team anytime.