New recycling fees in many EU countries in 2020

The EU recycling market is on the move. Several take-back systems in various EU countries have already announced price adjustments for 2020 in the fields of WEEE, batteries and packaging.

Good news e.g. for all customers of the Belgian battery take-back system Bebat. From 01.01.2020 on the recycling fees for all battery types will be reduced by an average of approx. 9%. The prices for e-bike batteries are also affected and will decrease from 9 € to 8,50 € per piece in 2020. BEBAT is the largest battery return system to fulfill the producer responsibility under the EU Battery Directive in Belgium and – with a collection rate of approx. 90% – BEBAT is also one of the most efficient collection scheme in the world.

In Estonia for example the largest WEEE and battery take-back system MTÜ Eesti Elektroonikaromu has announced a massive price increase for batteries in 2020. The adjustments, especially in the area of batteries are a result of increased logistics and handling costs for the collection and continuously raised collection rates in general.

Eesti Elektroonikaromu is a non-profit organization for ensuring obligations in the area of extended producer responsibility according to the WEEE and Battery Directive in Estonia.

In Sweden the monopoly packaging take-back system FTI Verpakkingen has also announced a price increase for packaging licensing in 2020.

The new tariffs for the relevant EU markets are available  – feel free to contact us anytime.