German WEEE register („Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register – EAR“) officially released classification for E-Bike accumulators and powerbanks

After some controversal discussions between producers, take-back schemes and authorities on the categorization of E-Bike accumulators and powerbanks the German WEEE register officially released a binding categorization for those products. It staes clearly that the following battery and accumulator types are only subject to the German battery law – and don´t have to be registered according to the German WEEE directive:

  • E-Bike-Accumulators, also with charging display;
  • E-Bike-Accumulators, also with different charging interfaces;
  • Accus, also with charging display (e.g. for powertools and gardening tools);
  • Powerbanks, also with charging display;
  • Powerbanks, also with different charging interfaces.

Exceptions are powerbanks with additional functions (such as light, radio, alarm clock). Those devices are subject to registration under WEEE and battery legislation in Germany.

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