EPR registration number(s) for online marketplaces

Currently online marketplace operators are contacting their sellers regarding the requirements for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Liable companies and producers, that put WEEE, batteries or packaging on the market and in the scope of the EPR requirements, have to confirm their registration at the national authorities and take-back system. Therefore they ave to present their EPR registration numbers to the marketplace operators.

The EPR registration numbers differ from EU-country to EU-country.

In Germany the following EPR registration numbers are valid as proof of EPR compliance:

– Packaging law: LUCID registration number at the German Packaging Register (ZSVR).

– WEEE law: WEEE registration number at the Stiftung EAR.

– Battery law: Battery registration number at the Stiftung EAR

If you are affected by these regulations, the Go4Recycling team can ensure EPR compliance in all EU-countries! We can arrange all country specific EPR registration numbers!

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