Compliance obligations for graphic papers, brochures and manuals in France

Graphic papers – such as manuals, flyers and brochures – are now also part of the French EPRs (subpart of packaging) and producers/sellers are now also obligated to join a take back scheme and to request a IDU number

Those paper products are now seen as part of household packaging waste – but also as a separate stream of household packaging. That means that a separate registration has to be done – at the same household packaging compliance scheme.

The term graphic papers includes for example brochures, flyers, leaflets, catalogues, manuals, mailings, posters, tickets etc.

If you place less than 5 tons of graphic papers in 2023 you are not charged a recycling fee by Citeo. However an EPR membership remains mandatory for liable companies (French companies, foreign online shops etc.)

If you are affected by this EPR and need more information feel free to contact the Go4Recycling Team anytime. We are happy to help you with French packaging and graphic papers compliance.