France: Obligation to show Triman logo on household packaging from 2022 on

From January 2022 on it will be mandatory on all household packaging (so packaging used for products that end up in private households – as well as the boxes that protect those products when being send directly to private end users via e-Commerce) to have the so-called Triman logo.

There is a transitional period of 18 months in which stock of already produced material can be sold – but new product packaging should already be labelled accordingly.

In September 2021, the French packaging take-back systems published new guidelines for the application of the Triman logo from January 2022.

The previous reference on the homepage is no longer sufficient. The packaging has to be marked with the Triman Logo.

The Triman obligation will soon be extended to electronical products as well as batteries – information on that will be published by the authorities soon.


If you have any questions regarding the Triman logo in France feel free to ask us anytime.